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Great walks all year round in Kingston, Ontario

Home of one of the biggest events in Canadian history, Kingston, Ontario has so much more to offer than just being the home of the world famous band, The Tragically Hip. Being where The Tragically Hip played their final concert. Kingston is a beautiful, waterfront city full of appeal for all ages. It has activities all year round, and this article is going to name one activity to do in Kingston in each season, although there are endless possibilities!

The Spring

Is a good time to visit Kingston and see all of the snowmelt and the flowers start to bloom as well as new and old activities start to arise once again. An activity that is perfect for the spring season in Kingston is to go on a hike on one of Kingston’s many beautiful trails! Kingston has several different trails in the area to discover!

A trail that is worth a walk on is Lemoine’s point conservation area which is surrounded by Lake Ontario and has many different trails through forests, marsh’s and along the beautiful lake. This is a great spot to come and relax, get some exercise and see some beautiful views and wildlife!

Onto the next season!

Summer is a prime time for tourists to visit Kingston because the number of activities that you can do is endless, just one activity to get you inspired to visit the limestone city during the summer!

One activity that you can do I the summer in Kingston is visiting Wolfe Island, which is just a quick 20-minute ferry ride away from the city. Wolfe Island is a large island with beautiful farmland and famous wind turbines that give power to almost every home on the island, as well as an excellent bakery and other small shops.

Wolfe Island has so much charm and is worth a visit! Ah, the season of fall!

Fall (Autumn)

Fall is a fantastic time to travel anywhere in but especially in Kingston! This event is during the month of October at the historic Fort Henry which was built in the 1800s and was used to protect the city of Kingston, but is now a historic landmark with year-round tours of the fort and also home to a modern bistro! However, during the month of October, Fort Fright is where the souls of soldiers and other creatures come out to frighten daring guests and seek their revenge!

Each year there is a different theme for the fort, which can range anywhere from spiders to zombies to clowns to the cursed hallows! This event is world famous and is so fun!

Finally, Winter!

Winter is a fabulous time to come to Kingston and see the beautiful snow fall! An activity to do in Kingston during the winter is to go to the famous Feb Fest which takes place every February in Springer Market Square. Each winter, the square is transformed into a huge skating rink!

During Feb Fest, visitors, and locals can come and skate on the ice with their friends and family, watch professional figure skaters perform, watch hockey games, compete in hockey games, as well as enjoy some warm Beavertails (Fried dough not real beaver tails!) and hot chocolate. This event is fun for all ages and is a huge hit every year! Kingston may not be the perfect tropical or European vacation, but Kingston has a lot to offer all year round with activities fit for everyone! Kingston also has a lot of history, culture, and friendly faces to see! I hope you visit one day!

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