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Nusa Dua and the Water Blow

Driving into this area was something else, high security isn’t the word. Apparently, the only way into this part of town is to pass through these checkpoints, and they are there because of a bombing that happened in Bali some time ago. The stops can’t help but remind me of a way of keeping the richest people and the expensive hotels apart from the rest of Bali. This area screams money, huge hotel’s, security everywhere and no tacky signs of the ordinary tourist, you know what I mean! No souvenir stalls and cheap beer signs.

We parked up and took a walk along the beach, and it is undeniably beautiful, but signs of money are everywhere! Surf machines, jet skis, private boats and those jetpack water things for your feet. Yeah! Don’t get me wrong there is a place for all this stuff but aren’t you missing out on the real meaning of Bali a bit. As I said, it is beautiful, and we glad we got to see it. it’s just not where I would choose to stay if I wanted to experience Bali.

The Water Blow

Next was a short drive to what is called the ‘water blow.’  The water blow?  You have to see it, be patient, though, as mother nature does not always perform on demand.  But with said patience, you will see her in all her fury.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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