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The Cairns Crystal Cascade… Well Worth The Visit!

To go to the Cairns Crystal Cascade, you need a car. We didn’t find any buses going up to this location.  Showing us that it is one of those local hidden gems.

A quick drive from the centre of Cairns and through the tropical North Queensland scenery brought us to the Crystal Cascade falls and pools.

The weather was pretty poor, as we had just experienced the wettest May Day in Cairns for 96 years. But the humidity was so high, even with the rain you found yourself struggling to breathe.

So we had decided that we were going to visit the pools first. Seeing what they were all about.

Having arrived at the first set of pools, I decided to go in (although it was only knee deep). The water was surprisingly warm, fish swimming around. But to my horror, when coming out to dry off. There were broken shards of glass around. So really not good and had I noticed before, I would not have entered.

So after a quick video and photos, we headed onwards and upwards to the falls. You will come across some incredible scenery on your way up. I would take a camera and walking boots. But be careful, as with the fallen leaves and the rain meant the pathway was extremely slippery.

So after what seemed like forever, we made it to the falls. It was impressive, but if you were expecting a huge cascading waterfall, you would be left disappointed. One thing that makes this one different for us was should you wish to. You could swim in the pools, and go underneath the waterfall itself.

The Crystal Cascade is worth a visit, especially during the summer months. It’s free to enter but could imagine in the warmer months it is quite busy.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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