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Puerto Banus… The Harbour For Millionnaires

Puerto José Banús, more commonly known as Puerto Banús is a marina located in the area of Nueva Andalucía, in the southwest of Marbella, (Spain, on the Costa del Sol)

We headed out fairly early and parked up just out of town (where we presumed the parking was more reasonable), remember we are on a budget and we started by walking along the coastline. As we walked closer to the central part of the marina, the smaller shops became bigger shops but surprisingly had fewer items in them. Hehe

Okay, so we quickly realised that Spanish shops don’t open until after 10 am or so. So the promenade was not filled with the glamorous celebrities as promised on the online reviews, but instead, we saw the due-diligent shop workers cleaning and setting up the rather posh looking shops for the day instead.

We did, however, get very close to the various extra large boats, to the super large stunning yachts moored in the port.  They were massive, absolutely huge. I know the people who own these boats don’t live on them but you dame well could, I swear you could run a circuit on them if needed lol. An awe-inspiring experience but it does make you wonder if it is only us commoners who truly are bound over by their beauty.

As we strolled along the port, it became quite apparent that we are tourists and not at a certain level of sophistication needed to enter the shops, with our clunky hiking boots and our mass-produced clothes. Oh well, window shopping it was then.

We took some lovely pictures of the port and the boats as we walked along though.  After exploring the port, we took a wander through the high street (one road up from the shoreline) it again was filled with high-end shops and stunning displays of rather expensive but incredibly shiny cars or automobiles (I say outlaid with a rather posh accent).

My favourite part of this stunning place was the giant red french ball dog statue outside a casino. I know for my love of this breed, and if I could have carried it, I would be taking it home. I was pleased as punch and made lee take my picture with it.

We continued walking along this same road and found our way back to the car. It was a lovely walk and one I would recommend but maybe dress up a little as I said we kinda stuck out like sore thumbs.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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