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The Quite Magnificent Eden Project in Cornwall, England

This was somewhere that we wanted to go and was first on our list once we knew we were going to be heading down Cornwall.  Neither of us had been inside before so the prospect and not knowing added to the anticipation.  Firstly, if you are using your sat nav its not had the updated maps, when you get near you will come to a round about and if like me was focused on what the sat nav was saying.  Will end up heading down towards the nearest town and the opposite way to the Eden Project.  Lesson learnt Webber!

You have to park quite a distance from the entrance but you have a shuttle bus service that take you down to near the entrance (you still have about a 200m walk to the main entrance).  The walk is so worth it.  You are welcomed with large pictures of the clay quarry that existed before the beautiful opening of the Eden Project back in the March 2001.  The nearer you walk down you come across this incredible drift wood pair of horses.  These are however being replaced by bronze versions so to see these works of art you need to be quick.

You can’t see those iconic biomes at this stage, but you open the doors and are welcomed with these huge, enormous gold balls in the distance.  You can decide to either get the land train down to the bottom or you can take a stroll down the meandering pathways.  You end up coming to various sculptures that have been created and donated to Eden Project.  Some of them are stunning, such one just outside the main building by the biomes that was created with electrical waste such as TV’s, washing machines etc.  Was a incredible piece and stood about 25m tall.

Rainforest Biome

As soon as you walk in you can feel the heat, immediately we removed out thick Trespass thermal jackets.  This was just going to be the beginning and the further up you go clearly the hotter it gets.  The plants you get to see, and even the wildlife that have taken habitat and thrived in the environment it incredible in just over a decade.

The Eden Project has really excelled in showing you what the inner looking’s of a rainforest would be.  From the waterfalls through to the next phase in their development which is a new canopy walkway with artificial clouds and rainfall coming over the next couple of year.

You reach the top and come across this impressive waterfall, cascading down it certainly gives you that much needed spray to cool you down (even after stopping off in the air conditioning pod just before the accent to the waterfall).  You can on your way down see the plants that would grow in such environments, such as a full grown set of banana trees.  It really is a sight to behold.

Mediterranean Biome

Straight away you can see and feel the difference, our thermal jumpers went back on as the temperature was that of an autumn day here in the UK.  This is also a much smaller Biome and has its very own restaurant that uses the fresh vegetables that is grown within the biome itself.  This is great, you can see the many different chilies’ through to vine tomatoes.

You couldn’t spend that long in this one, and it was certainly the best order to see them in as well.

The different plants, sitting areas, the two biomes, the sculptures, and the education centre keeps both child and adult occupied from the minute the doors open to the minute they close.  Also during the festive season, it appears an Ice Rink goes up (additional charges may apply).

If you are down in Cornwall, you must come and visit this great place.  For the fee of just £25.00 for each adult you really cannot go wrong.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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