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The World Famous Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia

So our final stop on our first Grayline Tour while in New Zealand was Te Puia.

Te Puia has the famous geyser Pohutu.  But before we talk to you about this, we had our very first Maori experience.  Not knowing what to expect, we watched in awe at the welcoming ceremony.  I won’t ruin it for you if you are coming over to New Zealand at any point.  For those who are not in New Zealand, nor visiting anytime soon can watch what a Maori welcoming ceremony is. You then have the next hour dedicated to watching some of the Maori dances, songs and stories told.

I warn you at this point; we had plenty of people from Asia with us (around 50-70); we found them so incredibly rude.  Talking on their phones when the performance was going on.  So if you have the same audience, expect similar.

We were told that the Geyser only ‘performs’ twice a day.  So we were not too hopeful that we would see anything.  But to our surprise, it was spitting in all her glory (see pictures below).  The smell is just like I had remembered (being I had been to Rotorua some 16 years ago as a teenager),  mmm, rotten eggs.

You can get some incredible pictures of the Geyser itself, with a few filters added like the one below.  It looks like your on another planet.

So not only do you have the option of seeing a traditional Maori experience, but also the world famous Pohutu geyser, mud pools, and even a kiwi house.

You can get your tickets from the Te Puia Website.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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