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The Day At Auckland Zoo in New Zealand

I have been to many Zoos in my time.  So coming to Auckland Zoo in New Zealand was something I was looking forward to.

It was just our luck; it was the kiddies school holidays.  So getting a parking space was a nightmare, which left us parking on the street (again parking is limited).  Just our luck it started to pour with rain (It is certainly something to bare in mind in Auckland, the weather can change in a heartbeat).

But once in, the Zoo itself is incredibly well laid out.  We headed right and down to the Africa enclosure (Giraffes, Rhinos, etc.).  From there y miss anything.  We didn’t have a map, and when we looked back, we had seen everything that the Zoo had to offer. Our highlight was seeing the Elephants, Sea Lions (who at the perfect time decided to have a fight, see picture below) and the Pigs being taken for a walk.

You need to look at the animal encounters that go on throughout the say.  Because different days have animal encounters at various times. For example, the elephants have there encounter at 1.45pm on a Thursday but at the much earlier time of 11.00am on Friday. Obviously, the weekends have more to see and experience.

Entry into the Zoo only costs £28NZD.  That’s a real bargain as it is more than double to gain entry to Australia Zoo.  There is plenty for the kids both young and old to see.  We spent about 3-4 hours there, so unlike many zoos out there.  Auckland Zoo is one that you can spend all day there.

Unfortunately, you are unable to purchase tickets through their website (which is a major shock in 2016). 

But you can follow them through their social pipes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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