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Our Expensive Visit To The Fat Bowl In Bali

We had been in Bali now for about two weeks.  Completed hours of research into the best places to eat.  No, we do not mean the cheapest nastiest places many Australian on a particular Facebook group proclaim are great.  We are talking about food that is actually great. Even if it means paying slightly more for it. This is where Fat Bowl came in.  It was a recommendation that had come from that said Facebook group.

This is where Fat Bowl came in, it was a recommendation that had come from that said Facebook group.

Located just off the infamous Garlic Lane in Legian.  The Fat Bowl does not have any parking, well none that we could see.  It is on the main road and therefore parking your mopeds on the street is not going to happen.

Food Quality

Well, Tina had been looking at the menu before arrival. I usually do this, and I tried to find the menu online.  It appeared Fat Bowl did not have one; alas Tina seemed to find it.

Where Tina had already had prior knowledge, she had chosen to have the satey Trio. The trio consisted of two chicken, two duck, and two pork belly sate (satay).  The satay came with Nam Jim Syrup and some Rice Cakes.  The rice cakes were not good; it was just plain rice that was wrapped in a pandang leaf to set.  It was hard, which you would expect from a rice cake, but you would expect some flavour.  Nonetheless, the satay was incredible.  The chicken ones seemed to be on the small side, but the pork belly.  OMG! The crackling was both crispy and soft not to crack any teeth.  The meat was delicious and juicy, along with the Nam Jim Syrup was delicious. The duck is always somewhere many places seem to get it wrong.  Too pink, or just no pink at all.  Here at the Fat Bowl, the duck was cooked perfectly.

However, one little snag.  This did not come with any sides.  After an experience at a previous restaurant, was left hungry.  Therefore, this time, a side of potato wedges with bacon, guacamole, and sour cream.  The bacon was the crispiest we have had to date on the beautiful island of Bali.  For me, though, the wedges were just cooked.  There was some resistance as you bit into them, and certainly was not the soft and fluffy inners you would expect.

Well, I spent forever, first of all, photographing the novel that was presented to me.  I mean, really! This was the biggest menu I had ever seen.  Not because of the vast number of dishes to choose from.  But the fact that they have photographs of every item on the menu.  This is a brilliant idea, so many times I have ordered something off the menu blind.  Hoping that what I think it is, actually is.

So after we placed our drinks order, a virgin mojito (non-alcoholic version) and an Oreo milkshake for me.  It was time to decide.  I had seen that they serve the BIG ONE, a 1kg burger.  Not even me with my love of the juicy meat could devour all that protein.  That sounded weird, but hey let us roll with it.  So instead ordered the Bedugul Burger.  This 120g beef patty comes with the usual suspects you would find in a burger, a not so typical fried egg and a couple of complete strangers including beetroot and pineapple.  Who does that to a burger.

It was delicious, the perfect size.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that as soon as the plate had arrived, the chips were cold.  I know it is an American thing to have french fries with their burgers.  But maybe some thicker cut chips would retain the heat longer.

I could not fit in a dessert after my two milkshakes.  However, Tina had some apple spring rolls.  This came with some ice cream and caramelised condensed milk.  Oh dear, this was so sinful I will head to hell for just tasting.  The crunch of the spring roll, the ice cream, and the caramel the devil himself created was magical.  An excellent way to end a great meal.

Value for Money

It was an expensive meal. Totalling just a few thousand rupiahs off 400,000IDR.  Let us break down the bill.

  • 35,000IDR – Virgin Mojito,
  • 35,000IDR – Oreo milkshake (of which I had two),
  • 75,000IDR – Satay trio,
  • 80,000IDR – Bedugul burger,
  • 35,000IDR – Potato Wedges with Bacon, guacamole, and sour cream,
  • 45,000IDR – Apple spring rolls.

You then had the government tax and service charge added to the bill.

So yes, Fat Bowl is on the more expensive side.  But it is rightly deserved.  The food was on the whole very good, and with just a few little areas for improvement would make this place incredible.


We booked a table for 6.30pm.  The general walk-up tables were full. However, the reserved tables were nearly empty and remained so until our drinks had arrived.  The restaurant has a capacity for around 60.  With the addition of mirrors to one side, gives the illusion this place is much bigger than it is.

All the staff speaks excellent English, and the lighting gives the Fat Bowl a sophisticated ambiance. We were sat near the pass to the kitchen, which might not be to everyone’s liking.  But this gave us great lighting for photos and was right next to the big blowing floor fan.

We would strongly suggest walking up and booking yourself a table for dinner.  Otherwise, you would either be left disappointed or sitting pretty much on the roadside.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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