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The Best Meat You Will Find In Bali! All At The Aussie Brazilian BBQ

We went to their new second restaurant based in Seminyak; we had heard excellent things about this place, and we couldn’t wait to try it.

They even pick you up, which was such a good thing because I doubt we would’ve found it by ourselves, and the driver was chatty too.

Food Quality

Oh my goodness, the food! It was a bonanza of the best food I had eaten out for the entire time in Bali. They bring the BBQ’ed meat around on these huge kababs and would carve it fresh in front of you. Oh and the range was huge, the most tender cuts of mouth-watering beef, pork, lamb. Just check out the pictures, I’m salivating at the thought of eating that delicious food again. It’s not just meat; they have an impressive buffet of fresh salads, pasta, rice and potato dishes. I was so full I could barely move, but I had to try everything on their list.

We also had a couple of their frozen slushy type cocktails, and the taste was glorious, I had strawberry one, and Lee had a pineapple one and even though mine was better lees was good too.

Value for Money

The place was around ten pounds each, an absolute bargain in my eyes for such an amazing experience and I would pay that again any day.


When we were there, the manager of this place (Steve) came over and made sure we were okay personally and not just us, but he made an effort to speak to every table. They offered a top quality service to go with the high-quality food. I would book this place as I can see it getting super busy, really quickly.

Photos are either from Look at our World or provided by the Aussie Brazilian BBQ themselves.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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The Best Meat You Will Find In Bali! All At The Aussie Brazilian BBQThe only thing that dragged this score down was the location. However, you could book a taxi with the Brazilian Aussie BBQ. Taking you from your hotel and then dropping you off afterwards (for a fee).