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Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Entertainment

You will never be bored here at the Astagina Resort Villa & Spa. You have the following going on throughout the week. You have;-

Daily afternoon tea (FREE)

Every day from 3.00pm until 4.00pm you are treated to a spot of afternoon tea.  You also have a selection of sweet and savoury snacks.  These changed on a daily basis.  We loved the vegetable fritters. However, the tofu wrapped in vegetables wasn’t as unpleasant as I would have expected. You just needed to have some sauce to give it some flavour.  Chilli was our favourite.

The sweet element was always some potato pancake (see image below) with some fruit embedded.  However, our absolute favourite was the vanilla crepes we had one afternoon.  We must have polished off about five each, fatty, fatty that day.

Weekly Movie Nights Under the Stars (FREE)

Ok, so the films first started being shown in the restaurant.  Deadpool, perfect we love Deadpool.  So we arranged a night in eating at the restaurant and watching dead pool at the same time.  7.00pm came, and still no film.  I had to go and speak to someone who then got IT down to put the movie on.  Great!  Nope, instead of the advertised Deadpool, we had Superman v Batman come on.  I mean I love a good DC movie, but I cannot stand Mr. Afleck as Batman.  He certainly is no Bale now, is he?

However, towards the end of our stay.  You were treated to a movie in the garden area.  A Massive projector screen and a great sound system meant the movies were worth a watch.

Just add popcorn and away you go!

Yoga Sessions in the Morning

Between 8:00 am and 9:00 am some days, you can find your Zen with a spot of Yoga.  Prices varied depending on the number of participants and frequency.  But I’m afraid this old man bones and joints just is not as flexible as they used to me.

Onsite Spa

There are people touting massage, massage on the street everywhere you go in the tourist areas of Legian.  However, the spa in the hotel itself offers a whole range of treatments and packages.

From messages lasting 30 minutes to a complete pamper.  You will find something to send you on a heavenly oasis.

Garden Party Once A Week

We have written a piece purely about the weekly Balinese Garden Parties so will keep this brief.

You have a traditional Balinese dance (or dances), all while you are tucking into a delicious buffet of different satays, steaks, and fish.  Rice and noodles dishes compliment the salad that is plentiful.

Normally on a Wednesday, but depending on traditional Bali holidays this is subject to change.  But if you are here for a week you are going to want to take advantage of this great evening.

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