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An English Roast Down on the Costa del Sol in Legends Bar in Torre del Mar

When you think of legends, well I know I do I think of the likes of Ian Wright, Gazza, Giggs and Cantona.  If you are a sports fanatic, you will either be glad to hear or not that you won’t find any sports memorabilia here.

So let’s get down to business and tell you more about this place.

We were heading down to Torre del Mar from the beautiful festival on Totalan.  So we were arriving from the West.  With the sat nav primed, we followed the very forceful lady at times. But without an actual address, we had no idea where we were heading apart from the centre of Torre del Mar.

Driving through, taking lefts and rights we all of a sudden on one of the main roads in you come across this bar.  You don’t even need to know the address, and you will stumble across it! Now the task of finding yourself a parking spot.  Just past Legends, you have on-street parking on the right, and only a tad further down you have a small car park.

The location of the bar/restaurant couldn’t be any better.

Food Quality

We both me and Tina are massive lovers of the great British roast dinner, mmmmmmmm I can taste it now as I write this on my bed at 10.20am on a Saturday.  Roast chicken, with herb butter under the skin, the crispiest roast tatties EVER, steamed veg and proper, I mean proper, proper stuffing made with sausage pork and apple sausage meat. All washed down with gravy made from the meat juices, mmmmmmmm.

Well, now you have had your food porn moment lets get back on track and tell you about what we experienced.

We were greeted with three types of meat, not 1, nor 2, but three types of meat. You were treated with Chicken, Beef and Pork, I for one love all of the above.  You can if you want to opt for one kind of meat of you only have a fancy for chicken.  Followed on the plate was a dollop of mash potato and a couple of spuds, with a stuffing ball and Yorkshire Pud.  On a separate plate was the veg that was to share between the other people eating with you.  You can see from the pictures below precisely what you got.

So in conclusion for the food quality, I would say that the meats were moist, it can be very easy to cook chicken dry. The mash was buttery and delicious; potatoes was nice (not as crispy and fluffy as I would cook at home, but get that you need to have hours of prep and cook for like 90 minutes).  The stuffing ball was not the best for me, but when you piled on the veg and then the gravy.  Oh my, the gravy.  Sorry, Tina and Linda (Tina’s mum) but this gravy was hands down the best gravy I have ever eaten, like ever.

Now does this all add up to value for money

Value for Money

Well, the straightforward answer is yes.

On a Sunday is the roast day, we would strongly recommend booking a table.  You can do this either by calling them or visiting there Facebook and get booked in.  Otherwise, you run a strong chance of missing out as they only have a small number of dinners for walk-ins. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So the price, the clincher.  You can get yourself a sample of the dinner in the pictures for just 9.95€.  In English money, you are looking at £7.10 at the exchange rate we got of 1.4 euros to the pound.


Legends, Torre del Mar, is not the biggest of places and only has a small handful of tables.  But what you do have is a pool table a couple of tvs but more than that you have the best hosts in Rachel and Shaun and their son Mattie.  They will make you feel at home, and with such incredible food for less than 10€ you cannot go wrong.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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