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Gold Class Tickets For Cheaper Than A Big Mac At The Cinemaxx Cinema

OMG, we were heading to see Suicide Squad.  We have looked to find films in their original format around Bali.  The Cinemaxx in Lippo Mall, Kuta was the one.

We had the choice, standard class or gold class.  Ooo gold class.  We had seen this in the event cinemas in Australia.  Comfy seats, food, and drinks brought to your seat.  What we didn’t expect were recliner chairs and blankets!

The cost of this would typically be £40 back in England for select specialist cinemas in London.  However, here it cost us 100,000IDR (or £5.60).  This was for gold class; it would have cost us half that just to watch the film in regular seats.

The only downside, if there is one.  Was the films had subtitles on them.  They were distracting at first, but you soon begin to ignore them.  Also, we were sat right to the left-hand side of gold screen 2.  Which meant that my head was right next to the other screen.  It was about 3/4 of the way through; I started hearing the trailers for the 9.00pm showing of the same film.  It was not loud, but it was certainly loud enough to be put off the film.

So let us talk about food and drink.  Although we did not order any food.  You could get yourself what is called a couples package.  This included popcorn, side and two drinks for 80,000IDR.  Less than the cinema ticket and a fraction of the cost you would pay for the same thing back in England.  In fact would be 340,000IDR more expensive back home.  The cinemas back home are just robbing bastards.

So in conclusion, the cost of our cinema trip was just 200,000IDR (£11.76).  If we had brought the couple’s package.  This would have taken our spend to 280,000IDR (£16.47).  Had we purchased the same tickets back at home, it would have been roughly on average £31.00 (527,000IDR) for two seats at the Electric Cinema in London.  Then let us work on the premise of the same package costing separately £16.00 (272,000IDR).  This would have been a very expensive night back home.

What was the total for the tickets compared to back home?

  • Bali – 280,000IDR (£11.76)
  • England – 799,000IDR (£47.00), that’s roughly a full days take-home wage for someone earning minimum wage.
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Lee Webber
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