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Brighton & Hove, Well Hove Actually

My birth place, my childhood (and my adulthood home) is the beautiful seaside town of Brighton and Hove or as the locals know it…..Brighton…..and …… Hove ‘actually’ lol. I’m always torn between both city’s i was born in Brighton but grew up in Hove. Not much of a difference i hear you scoff… well my friend theres a big difference to the brightonions and the ‘we live in hove ‘actuallys….. in our town of two combined places. Dont get me wrong, theres no war between the two, were not preparing to charge at dawn or anything but even though some burocratic bright spark has squished us together and make us one, we are quite different!

Brighton is to me the Las Vagas of Englands south coast, its so beautiful with its mixture of cultures, creeds and varieties of opportunities and outlandish behaviours is ….. ore inspiring and thought prevoking. I am so blessed as a child to have the opportunity to grow up around this all forgiving, supportive but also raw and unruly town.

Hove…. is really known to us locals as the suberbia of Brighton, its almost more aflurent as town as its a place in which meny “Brightonions” choose to settle down in. Keeping the culture close but at arms length too.  Some of my favourite memories as an early teenager was being introduced to the brighton lanes by my slightly older ‘Brightonion’ cousin Amy, we would almost spend every Saturday we could walking though the lanes soaking up the culture and the ore inspiring atmosphere, its to her i owe a lot because i was a very timmed person then and if it wasn’t for her bold, strong nature, i think i probably would of missed out on a lot as a teenager.

Brighton is a big tease, it shows you all these wonders of the the world but really does serve them up to you on a shinny platter.

It teased me for so long, giving me the feeling of being cultured, with the comfort of home but with a sense of emptiness as we grew to know were getting only a small pinch of that perticular culture. Brighton is just the temptation of variety of the world and it left me wanting so much more.

Anyway back to the quiter but very beautiful aera of Hove, its a great place to raise a family it has great neighbourhoods, glorious parks (hove park being one of the biggest and my favourite, with all the fairs and fun days spent their as a child) Hove has great acess to the natural surrounding beauty of the south downs, we are luckier then most this is on our doorstep.

I’m truly torn between both brighton and hove, to me, although I surpose i’m biased i love both equilly for different reasons.    For more insight on my favourite things to do in my home town, watch out for the forthcoming oh so biased posts. Hehe

Kind regards Tina x

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
Well what can i say? I'm complicated! Although my fundamentals, my core, what makes me, me i suppose is: Glorious food (especially the sweet stuff), the stunning beauty of nature and natural things and my love of excellent art and design.

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