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P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Day 3 at Sea

Well after a later than late evening due to what I think was the Toblerone. This led to waking up around 9, and heading down for another very underwhelming breakfast. As you can see below.

The beans were hard, egg slimy, bacon was better but still far too fatty. Change is certainly needed tomorrow.


So we love a good quiz, and the entertainment directors quiz is the best. Themed rounds and today we even had some cryptic logic puzzles.

One is what is the centre of gravity. Was it a black hole, the sun or was it the letter **V**? Why of course it was the letter V, gra-V-ity.


So it was the first time we had experienced the waterfront restaurant. What a pleasant little surprise this was. It’s a sit down a la carte menu, with various cuisines included.

We went for the tomato soup and the Thai pho then corned beef for Tina and the Wagyu beef in horseradish sauce for myself. And then all finished off with a trio of ice creams for Tina and a chocolate cookie dough cheesecake for myself.

It was a nice meal, by my cheesecake was warm. Who serves warm cheesecake!!


We love a good quiz, and in fact, we have got pretty good at them. You can see out answers and pretty much all the ones we answered we got right.

We are still waiting to win coffee and cake for 4. Maybe tomorrow!!


So we had two of the ship’s entertainment team along with comedian Bev and magician Ace. There were four rounds, and you had to spot the person telling the truth.

It ended 2-2. With no tiebreakers to be done. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the Komodo Islands and the famous Komodo Dragons.

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Lee Webber
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