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24 hours in Rio de Janiero

There is something to be said about sitting on a rock, overlooking the ocean and just taking it all in. For me at least, it’s significant; it’s where I find peace and relaxation. I may or may not know how to get to that rock I so desire to escape to, but I always find a way.

Rio is filled with lots of oceanside rocks along the supposedly unclean waters of its famous beaches. But relaxing for a moment on the rocks is where I go after my run along Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. That is usually how I start my short night in Rio, as I sit on the rocks, overlooking the ocean and soaking in the beautiful city after a long flight.

Should you chose to forego the scenic run along the beaches on your short stay, a Brazilian caipirinha will do well to get you a real buzz as you wander the streets. There are outdoor stands all along Copacabana Beach where you can get a drink. If you are close to Leblon, just up the hill, less than a quarter mile, you will find a stand that is one of my personal favorites. It is at a corner and has a gorgeous view of Ipanema beach.

Should you want to relax on the beach and realize you forgot a towel or a swimsuit when you left the hotel, no worries; vendors all along the beaches sell Brazilian bikinis, hats, towels, anything you could possibly need, for a day on the beaches of Rio de Janiero. The best part of all is that most of them accept credit cards.

Whether you want a relaxing time on the beaches or an adventure up to Christ the Redeemer or something else, your short time won’t disappoint

The following morning, take a trip up to the infamous Cristo Redentor aka Christ the Redeemer. Head to the Cocovado train station to purchase a ticket for ride up to the statue.

It may be a busy 24 hours in Rio, but it is worth it. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. After all my travels there, I am still learning and exploring new things every time I visit here.

A very important note, though, make sure you have no valuables on you, no flashy jewelry, etc. That is a surefire way to get mugged and have it ruin a short stay. Avoid that, and you should have a great stay! Enjoy.

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