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24 Hours in New York City

Visiting the one city where even locals say that a lifetime is not long enough to see everything, and you have just one day? Since I live close to this famous city and love to show friends around that have never been there before, I have perfected a round trip that takes you to all the important sights and attractions in the city. So let’s start the journey.

Every day more than 750.000 go through Grand Central Terminal, so the chance is good that you’ll arrive there too. Take your time to admire the great architecture and the star constellations on the high ceiling. Perfect time to grab a coffee or breakfast before heading to the subway that will take you to Brooklyn Bridge. Crossing this bridge is exciting every time and totally worth the short walk. On the other side, in Brooklyn, lies one of my favourite spots in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Plan some time to explore the streets and promenades on the water and walk along the park where you have an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

After heading back across the bridge to Manhattan, head further downtown to Broadway and Wallstreet. If you have an extra hour hop onto the Staten Island Ferry that will bring you close to Lady Liberty for free. Arriving on Staten Island, you can take the returning ferry right back. Otherwise, use the time to relax in the Battery Park. Now just follow West Street to the One World Trade Centre and 9/11 Memorial. Take your time and walk around the holes where the Twin Towers used to stand and read the engraved names. Take the red line of the subway to Chelsea Market.

Many New Yorkers say it’s the best market in the city and I totally agree with them. Take your lunch to go and explore the High Line, an old train track that got turned into a public park. Or you save it and continue your journey with the subway to Central Park and find a sunny spot in the green lung of New York City. Spend the afternoon wandering the different trails and make sure to check out the Bethesda Terrace and the Shakespeare garden. Before it starts getting dark walk down 5th Avenue past the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and turn right to the Rockefeller Plaza.

Planning a visit to a big city is always hard; doing a 24 trip is even harder. So how can you experience as much as possible in the Big Apple in one day? Let me take you on a roundtrip through a city like no other and show you my personal highlights.

Shortly before sunset take the elevator to the Top of the Rocks on top of the Rockefeller Centre. This way you’ll have a stunning view over New York City while the sun sets and lights start turning on. I did this on my first day in New York and it is still one of my favourite memories of the time I’ve spend in this beautiful city. Afterwards start heading to Times Square – trust me it is easy to find, just follow the lights! Around Times Square and Broadway there are plenty of restaurants for dinner and stores for shopping. To end the day the perfect way, go and see a game or a play at Broadway.

This might seem a bit much for one day but trust me it’s absolutely doable, and you’ll see most of the famous sights of the city that never sleeps. But let’s be honest no matter how much time you spend In New York City it leaves you itching for more.

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