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P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Day 1 at Sea

So it is our first day proper on our P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer onboard the Pacific Eden. Both of us are feeling pretty seasick. I mean Tina was ill yesterday as well. We think it was the breakfast and then lunch sitting in her stomach.

However, after a rough (ship motion) evening but a full sleep. Breakfast was calling. Well for one of us at least. Tina just managed to get some fruit down her whereas I did not even chance it which was good because, on the way back to the room, I almost vomited all over the corridor.

We attended the shore talk at 10 with Neil, which was insightful which was quickly followed by an abysmal attempt if the quiz (1 of the three today alone) We got 6 out of 20!


Well, I fell asleep during most of it, oops! It was more about the history of Bali instead of what to do and where to do it. However, it was only an hour, and I did get a nap.

So back to the room for a snooze before trivia number two for the day. Alarm set for 4.30 to get there in plenty of time for 5.15. Nope, the alarm went off, and straight back to sleep for me. Instead, I woke up 5.30, by which time I was quite hungry.

Mmmmm, burgers. Oooo meatloaf. Not the most harmonious of combinations. However, they were nice, not sure if the bun has started going stale, as it has been popped in an oven or something to crisp it up a little. The meatloaf, on the other hand, was delicious, along with some fresh salad and balsamic vinegar went together nicely.

I had to have another wrap as they were so nice earlier. This time, it was onion, peppers, chicken and the usual tomato and cheese. All finished off with an English fruit and chocolate butter cake and custard.


It was the first performance show; Fem Belling was her name and a top 20 contestant in the Voice Australia last year.

She was bringing Jazz back, and the first song was ‘About that Bass’ by Meghan Trainer. She was a good singer but wasn’t my kind of Jazz. However, none the less, we had a pleasant hour of listening.


To top off our first 24 hours oh board, we visited the cinema (Yes, ships have onboard movies now) to watch the film five floors up. Neither of us had watched this before, and as it featured Denzel we had to give it a watch, for FREE!! I think they are missing a trick with the selling of popcorn in the cinema area.  I think there would be many people purchase popcorn and watch a film.  Heck, we would have.

It starred Morgan Freeman, all about them selling their house and reminiscing in the process. The film was so-so — not the best but certainly worth a watch.

Its now time for sleep soon, and looking forward to Day 2 onboard the P&O Pacific Eden.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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