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Brunching Around Chicago – A Guide to All Things Breakfast

When people ask me for restaurant tips when traveling, breakfast/brunch is often the first meal they ask about. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that my next post be about the best brunch spots in Chicago! Let’s see if you can make it through this post without craving some pancakes and a mimosa!

Lakeview and Lincoln Park Brunch Spots

Many of the best breakfast/brunch spots in Chicago are in the Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Chicago. Situated right along Lake Michigan, these neighborhoods have become the trendy place for young professionals to live, eat, and shop. With a calmer vibe than downtown, you will get excellent food in these areas without being bogged down in tourist traps. But be ready to wait about 30 minutes or more for a table, because all the locals love these spots too!

My favorite brunch in the city is at Mortar and Pestle, a tiny cafe with a rustic vibe and a modern spin on the typical bru Nah foods. My favorites here are the avocado toast and muesli with caramelized banana. Another winner in the area (as well as a few other locations in Chicago) is called Yolk. Their bacon waffles and monkey pancakes (with banana, peanut butter, and melty chocolate) are phenomenal. Another bonus: you can use an app called NoWait to put your name in line before you get there so you have no/minimal wait for a table! Kanela Breakfast Club is also excellent, with freshly squeezed fruit juices and the best chicken and waffles outside of the South. Finally, you have to check out Ann Sather’s. Serving up Swedish-style brunch, all of there entrees come with a side of 2 gooey cinnamon buns. Yum!

One of my favorite breakfasts in Chicago- Chicken and waffles from Kanela Breakfast Club!

Downtown Brunch Spots

While I believe that neighborhoods like Lakeview and Lincoln Park have the best brunch spots in the city, there are also some great options downtown if that is where you’re staying. If you like dim sum (Chinese brunch of dumplings and other dishes to share), MingHin Cuisine offers the best I’ve ever had. With extensive offerings, all dumplings and dishes are made with exceptional quality and flavor. Plus they take reservations! Wildberry Pancakes also serves up some of the best pancakes in the city and Do-Rite donuts is a must-try for donut lovers.

Stay tuned for more food journeys around Chicago, where you can learn all of the dining tips and tricks from a local! For more food inspiration

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Danielle Coopersmith
Danielle Coopersmith
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