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Hidden Choco-Heaven In A Vault!

ChocoVault is a hidden little sweet shop I found during a night on the town in an area called Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi, India. Hauz Khas Village is literally an urban, trendy hub where people usually go to enjoy a variety of entertainment in a fairly localized region. This hotspot has everything from food and drinks, to gastropubs and nightlife.

After having the most DELICIOUS South Indian food in the area, I stumbled across this gem of a store that has an aesthetic of an actual vault. Once you walk in through the literal vault gateway, you find yourself amongst a very upbeat and chic room. The comfy red sofas strikingly stand out amongst the fake dripping chocolate that frames the walls and ceilings. Soulful chocolate quotes compliment the vibe of the dessert shop and undoubtedly bring focus to the universal love for chocolate that is undying.

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you love trendy, instagramable places? Are you missing out on sweets while you travel? This sweet shop in New Delhi is everything your tongue and mouth can dream of and you won’t want to miss it.

While there were many items to choose from, I ended up devouring a chocolate molten lava ball, and a stuffed gold-dusted chocolate globe with golden accents that glistened from miles away. The chocolate molten lava ball required warm chocolate to be poured over it to get the full experience of the creation. The gold-dusted chocolate globe was even better. My spoon went straight through the silky yet firm outside layer of the chocolate sphere and straight into another chocolate mixture that was stuffed inside. The blend of different textured chocolate had me feeling as if there was a celebration going on in my mouth.

This boutique is certainly one to add to the “must eat” places on your list if you are in the New Delhi area. It is open till late, amongst very popular restaurants and nightclubs, and the perfect location to unwind if you cannot party or wander around anymore. The desserts taste as delectable as they look and you will not leave disappointed.


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