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The Vast Array of Tapas at Cerveceria Taperia in Ronda

We had not tried some authentic Spanish tapas while in Spain until this point.  We had also seen Ronda had the number 1 place in the whole of the province of Malaga to visit.  So just made sense to have the best of both here.

The location of this place is set just off one of the main shopping roads, Cerveceria Taperia was located in the Plaza del Socorro.  You can also park your car in the underground car park there so makes for a great location.

You will, however, find yourself looking at various tapas bars and restaurants but we will explain why you should choose this one shortly.

Food Quality

We had a wide variety of different tapas from prawns through to braised pig cheek (yes, you heard me correct. Braised pig cheek, I can see you scoffing at the thought of eating that. We would never have tried this usually, but we are so glad we did).

I had some chips with garlic aioli (you will see a trend with our time in Spain and my love for this sauce).  This time though the aioli was not overly strong, my dad (who lives in Spain) had a taste and said that was one of the best alioli he had tasted.  The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the quality of the chicken curries we ordered.  You will be able to see from the picture below that there was no real sauce to it and, the rice was still hard.  I’m not sure if this is a Spanish thing, but this was indeed not the way I like my rice to be.

Value for Money

Well, all the food, drinks and, the bread you are given at the beginning of every meal came to just 27€.  When you match that up with the quality of the food as a whole, meaning that three people ate and drank for only 9€ which is not to bad.  It’s not great, but by no means the most expensive meal we ate while in Spain.


It was a very quiet sunny midweek December day; I deliberately tell you that because in the summer months or even at weekends this place would be rammed.  Tourists everywhere, you would struggle to get a seat that’s for sure.

But when we went, you could hear yourself talk to one another the waitress was friendly and attentive.  If you do go inside, you will see some decor that certainly I didn’t expect from looking at the outside.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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The Vast Array of Tapas at Cerveceria Taperia in RondaTaking a trip to Ronda is a deffinate must for all those passing through the Malaga region. Yes, you will need a car. But when there we would recommend eating here. We actually went back to Ronda, and yes. We ate here again.