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La Taberna del Obispo in Malaga

This little restaurant is literally a stone’s throw from Malaga Cathedral.

The location for this place is great, well having said that.  When we went you had an entrance where you had the FREE entry into the nativity display.  This was round to the side of the cathedral itself so if tucked a little bit out of the way.  So imagine you are standing at the entrance of the cathedral, turn left and follow the road around the building and you will see it on your right-hand side.

Food Quality

We only wanted to have a snack here, so I went for potatoes and garlic aioli.  Tina had prosciutto on toast, it looked very different to how I had imagined the food to be, but by all accounts was delicious.  For me, however, you need to love garlic.  You cannot just like it, here in the south of Spain they take great pride in creating the very best garlic aioli.  In fact there are many regional and national competitions for such things.

Value for Money

The price for eating here is very much in line with A) the location right next to a big tourist attraction and, B) in the middle of a large city.  The cost of our small meals came close to 12€, which you might not think is to expensive.  But when you think that outside cities you can pick up the same meals for half that price just shows how far your money doesn’t go in certain areas.


We sat outside, you had a musician playing some kind of instrument in the background (who then once finished pestered people to give him money, this is quite customary over here).  The weather was nice, and in the colder month,s heaters are provided.  You will have however people come up to you, give you a piece of paper to read in many different languages begging for money.

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Lee Webber
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La Taberna del Obispo in MalagaNot overly impressed with this. We did have lots of beggars walking around and if you didn't give them anything they got aggressive.