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A Few Hours On The Komodo Island & Pink Beach

As our cruise ship was too big to dock at the Komodo Island itself. We took a tender boat to shore; it was an incredibly hot day, and we felt we had no relief from the intense heat. We were given a talk at the entrance to the park; they told us that it was mating season. Meaning the Komodo dragons don’t roam as much as they usually do. We were told that we would be escorted around by the tour guides and NOT to wander off. Our guide ‘Gusti’ armed himself with a long stick with a ‘v’ shape on the end to fend off any dragons that may get a little too ‘friendly’.

We took a short walk through their territory, and we got to see three of this incredible animals. It was great to see them in their national environment. Of course, at the end of the tour, there was the obligatory walk through the locals selling their commercial tat (I’m sure at one time they would have been local handmade treasures but not anymore) shame but true.

It was then just a 20-minute local boat ride to the pink beach, so called because the red coral has corroded over time and has mixed with the sand & turned the sand to a light pink colour.

Hmm,  changing rooms! There were none, so we got changed on the boat. Which was a little tricky and probably should’ve thought about it sooner but hey ho.

We collected our snorkelling gear and headed out into the sea! Yep, no training, no guide, just we and the sea and it was an amazing experience. Okay, it wasn’t exactly smooth to start off, but it was so cool to see the coral, and the fish swimming around you was simply the best moment when I managed to get the hang of it. Just a complete dream of mine fulfilled, well and truly, amazing.

Bye-bye Sunglasses

As we were about to set sail back to our tender boat, Lee decided as a few others did too, to jump off the top of the ship into the sea. He loved it but then realised he’d lost his glasses. Oppps! Hehe

Fantastic time on Komodo Island and Pink Beach. Well worth the $380 price tag! Even if the Go-Pro footage was corrupt when we got back to the ship and tried to look at it.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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