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P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Embarkation

So we had been in Perth for the past four days. Now it was time to embark on our first cruise.  The P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer.  We had been waiting for this moment for months since we booked it.

So we dropped the car hire off. Then the massive problem.  How do we get to the cruise terminal? We had dropped our bags off early that day so we only had hand luggage to carry.  Do we go for a bus, taxi or UBER?  We quickly ruled out a bus as it was going to take to long.  Taxi was next to be excluded as it was going to cost around $50AUD.  Which then left us with an UBER.  We had never used them before, but whilst searching for the best way to get there.  We were given a coupon code to get $20 off, so we had a winner.

long story short and 40 minutes later.  We were in the passenger terminal having been given a number and a handful of different visa forms to fill in.

MANY HOURS IF NOT DAYS LATER… ok not days, but it seemed it.

As we were 6 hours delayed in leaving the port of Fremantle.  We didn’t have much going on in the way of entertainment on the ship.  We had the mandatory passenger drill, just in case of an emergency and need to abandon ship.

We did, however, sample the pantry.  The food was pretty nice (you will read during our cruise if it maintained that level).  You can see from the picture below we wanted to start as we meant to go on.  So we had fish, couscous (which was the first and only time we saw this during our cruise) and some salad.

By now it was time to hit the sack and look forward to day one at sea.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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