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Angelos Speciality Dining on the Pacific Eden

So we visited Angelos just once while on our P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer cruise.  We didn’t know, but to get a table early on, you needed to queue up as soon as we boarded.  But in this case, it wasn’t a bad thing we only ate here once.  We had to wait until day 5 (our port call to Makassar) to sample her delights.


So you had on this particular night a choice of 5 different starters.  I chose the Fontina and pumpkin arancini (rice balls), Tina went for the Antipasti which included roasted sweet peppers, aged prosciutto, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, and artichoke hearts.  These both sounded delicious when mine came out you had three cute little rice balls with a ‘fiery’ tomato sauce.  I didn’t see or feel anything fiery about it.

Tina antipasti looked great; her exact words were ‘it was a nice little starter’.  Which says to me that it was nothing overwhelming about it that made her go WOW!


So looking at the menu, there was nothing that stood out to me saying eat me, eat me!

After what must have been an eternity, the waiter came over, and I had still not decided.  Tina chose the Pan-roasted potato gnocchi tossed in burnt butter and served with butternut pumpkin dices and toasted pine nuts.  The gnocchi was too floury for her taste, but I quote again ‘OMG, that sauce was incredible.  I would eat it again and again.  Getting very fat in the process’.  I guess that’s some praise for someone who is more biased and favouring the sweet things.

So at this point, I was rushed into a decision…….. it was the slow-cooked pork neck in a rich red wine gravy with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, pancetta, and roasted celeriac and apple mash.  You know what, I am writing this while sitting at the pool at our hotel in Bali, and I cannot for the life of me think of anything remarkable to say about my dinner here.  So swiftly onto desserts, we go.

Dolce e Formaggi

With even less inspiration, I chose the only thing on there that I would vaguely eat.  The Zabaglione torte filled vanilla sponge with Marsala and sherry custard.  The cake was fluffy (I know Mary Berry would be proud or that lingo), but the custard.  Where I do not like marsala or sherry, it was left for the bin.

Tina had the smallest cheeseboard dessert I have ever seen.  Although not called a cheese board it was called Grana paranoid cheese with rosemary honey and salted lavish bread.  I think she made the wrong choice, as she did spend a while poking and moving the food around on her plate.

So this was our first and only visit to Angelos.  I think had we booked to eat here again; we would have cancelled.  Shame, because Italian food is one of my favourites as well.  If you have not read our piece on the Dragon Lady, do so.  We ate there twice and on our second visit sampled many more of the dishes.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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