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Selling the last 30 years of my life!

Yep, I did it I sold, chucked, or donated about 90% of my stuff to help fund our journey to becoming great nomadic brits.

Once you have got your head around the initial thought, the reality is far far worse. (She says with a smile and a small chuckle to herself)

I suppose I never really understood how much stuff, junk, and collections I actually had. When I moved in with mister Lee, I had a massive clear out, at least 20 black bags of rubbish went to the tip and I was really chuffed that I had decluttered my life. Ha ha ha. I was so deluded and so very wrong.

I found that I had formed attachments to the silliest of things like Christmas decorations but my bead collections were probably the hardest things to say goodbye to, yes…. yes… I know I’m a grown woman but throughout the last thirty years building collections of stuff that are beautiful pleased me.


I’m not sure how things went from “ooooh I need one of those” and “oooo that looks beautiful” to “this stuff is suffocating me”!

But I do truly do believe now that stuff is just stuff and can be replaced if you really need to.

So How Did I Do It?

Internet auctions, local pick-up websites, and good British car boot sales (a lot of them).

When the time to get the stuff out of the flat, the days and days of photographs, listing details became all-consuming and eventually a little overwhelming but the thought that became our mantra was this full-time job of selling our stuff was funding the trip of a lifetime.

Arrrrr and breath, with each item that went out of the door and little more weight, come off my shoulders.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
Well what can i say? I'm complicated! Although my fundamentals, my core, what makes me, me i suppose is: Glorious food (especially the sweet stuff), the stunning beauty of nature and natural things and my love of excellent art and design.

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