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Food Soul Festival, Amsterdams Incredible Food Festival

Yep, you guessed it the one who is obsessed with food is the one writing this post!

So where do we start with the food soul festival, well it was on this industrial warehouse next to very different types of supermarkets, one was more of an organic (or ‘bio’ or ‘biological’ food) and a Holland standard chain supermarket. It was a relatively built up part of town, but with relatively easy transport links across the river.

We took a free water ferry from Amsterdam central station and walked for about 10mins up the incredibly windy path along the river. You should’ve seen how hard it was to walk back through what felt like quick sand. We must’ve looked like a right pair of wallies fight against the wind. Hehe

Anyway as I said, it was in a massive converted warehouse that was beautifully decorated in a very bohemian chilled almost beach party theme but with lots of tables and chairs with colourful mood lighting.

Food Quality

Omfg! Yep, I said it! Yes, I did, I’ve gone all amazeballs on you! Ha okay, okay. Breath! Hehe


The first place that captured my eye was the stunning professional set up of there food truck! It was an artistic mix of modern black with great vintage mechanic motorbike feel, but as I started to look, I liked them even more. They had a little sign that said ‘our burgers are rare, don’t like it don’t order’. Yep, that’s me sold, to me that says so much about how their food tastes, how they know best and to trust them because they know what they’re doing. Oh, a by golly they certainly did, we had a pulled pork roast stack and a classic stack of 100% bio (organic) beef with bacon and cheese. Well, our expectations were high as you can expect and they certainly delivered, they were mouth wateringly good. Juicy, full flavoured and decent portion size. Would I follow them to every food festival across the world, yes I would as they have various cool utensils such as a Moldovan-war sidecar motorcycle equipped smoker. There is a part of me that so completely needs to see that.

Bulls and dogs

Webber is incredibly partial to a hotdog or too in his time and today was no different, on display on their cute little stand was three very tempting examples of the divine ‘dogs’ that were on offer! Went for ‘The Texas Hot Link’ which was a beef sausage with Cayenne pepper, spicy tomato and nachos on it, with a pretzel bun and a little-picked salad. It certainly looked awe-inspiring, but unfortunately although tasty it wasn’t overwhelmingly fantastic, don’t get us wrong there was nothing wrong with it, but it just didn’t grab our attention in any way.

Waffle pop

Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds; it was a waffle as a popsicle. Hmm, interested right, yep, well the variations were a chocolate brownie, Blondie or red velvet with the further options of milk or white chocolate drizzled on top. Died and gone to heaven yet! Hehe

So, of course, I order chocolate brownie with white chocolate sauce, with a sprinkle of icing sugar. I literally couldn’t wait to take a bite.

I was expecting the thick, dense texture of a proper chocolate brown but in waffle form, hmmm it was more like chocolate cake, light a fluffy! It still tested great though, just wasn’t what I was expecting. And of course, both me a Lee got covered in icing sugar, hehe.

Value for Money

So as we were walking around and just having a look around at all the different venders it became clear that we needed something called Munten, what was Munten and how on earth can we get some!!! I need food. Hehe

So we walked on a little longer and found a booth selling said Munten for  1.25 euro each or around 96p. The Munten couldn’t be exchanged back, so it was a case of using them or lose them. I and Lee had no trouble using them.

So at stacks, our burgers were 11 munten, so 13.75 Euros or £10.57 in pounds.

At Bull & Dogs our hotdog was 4 Munten, so 5 Euros or £3.84.

At Waffle Pop both of our popsicles were 2 Munten each so together 5 Euros or £3.84. For a hipster foodie festival like this, it was a reasonable price compared to the UK, where there would at least be a third increase in the price. All were definitely worth the money and the experience of trying them.


The atmosphere was electric, as you walk in you’re greeted by music, fun vintage style decorations, the walls were lit up with deep purple and blues. Everyone was very friendly and chatty, we spoke to a few vendors who also talked about other food fairs coming up. It was just at the opening time we headed is, so we watched a lot of people setting up, it was great in a way because you got a little insight into how they work.

I think the only thing I missed being able to get a little taster before you buy the products, it’s a small gesture and I think some of the quieter venders would have benefited from it.

It was a lovely experience and one I will remember for a long time.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
Well what can i say? I'm complicated! Although my fundamentals, my core, what makes me, me i suppose is: Glorious food (especially the sweet stuff), the stunning beauty of nature and natural things and my love of excellent art and design.

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Food Soul Festival, Amsterdams Incredible Food FestivalYep, you guessed it the one who is obsessed with food is the one writing this post! So where do we start with the food soul festival, well it was on this industrial warehouse next to very different types of supermarkets, one was more of...