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Stepping Back In Time At The Auto And Technik Museum Sinsheim

We had been to the National Train Museum back in York, England a few weeks ago and thought that was an incredible museum showcasing the advances in locomotive engineering.  But when we were told about this place by our incredible CouchSurfing hosts, we had to have a look on the interweb to see if it was worth our time.

We came, we saw, and we conquered… now let’s see if it was worth the 15 € price tag.


Well, my eager friend, you will see the likes of the following…Vintage Cars, Formula-1 and motorsport, Motorbikes, Aircraft, Locomotives, Sports cars, Goggomobile & More, Agricultural machinery, American Dream Cars Collection, Military exhibition, Historical race cars and Mechanical music instruments.  You then have some of the more famous exhibits including, Concorde F-BVFB, Tupolev TU-144, Project Car Brutus, The Blue Flame and the DeLorean DMC-12.

You have a special exhibit that will be running from the 19th February 2016 through to the 10th January 2017 called, Harley – Born To Be Wild. This showcases the colourful cross-section of over 100 years of company history, with selected models. There will also be legendary racing machines and strange modifications to round off the exhibition.  We just missed this as we were there just the week before.

One thing that you will not miss as you drive up is the two Concorde aircraft on the roof of one of the buildings.  You need to make your way up there and see some real aviation history.  Concorde has been out of action now for some while, and you can see just how dated the interior of these crafts are when you take a walk up the aisle leading to the cockpit.


We found that during the winter months this place was tranquil, parking was not a problem.  But I can imagine in the summer months this place would be rammed, we would suggest arriving early, bring your lunch (as the food in the restaurants is overpriced), and just take your time looking around the two huge, and I mean huge warehouses full of the above.

In total, we were there about 4 hours, and we weren’t exactly slow in wandering around.

You can see more information and how to get to the Auto and Technik Museum HERE.


Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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