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Visiting The Incredible Gothic Cathedral Of Mainz

This place is awesome, I should probably go on about the history or some of its important, significant historical points but all I want to say is this place is the Gothic designer’s wet dream. It was awesome, and if you’re ever in Mainz you’ve got to go!!!

Oh so apparently, according to mister Lee I need to elaborate a little more. So fine! Hehe

There was an amazing level of detail, and I could off spent all day there just staring at the stunning amount of tiny detail. If you haven’t gathered already I’m a bit of a fan of Gothic architecture and design; it’s always taken my fancy, the dark creepiness with an underline fantasy of mythological creatures.

As you walk in you’re greeted by tall walls that tower over you; you’re hit by the darkness of the church but the light that streams through the stained glass, bellowing fancy coloured light all over the souls stone walls. It was just beautiful, in this day and age it takes a lot to make our generation to stand in ore of something, but this place certainly did for me, it makes me wonder how people way back when feeling as they entered this grand almost scary place of worship. Did they feel honoured or where they scared? It makes me ponder these things, and I’m sure it does with others too.

As you can see from the pictures, the cathedral had multiple levels; it had chambers underneath and various separate prayer rooms. I have to say I’m not religious but I can see the importance of the place to those who are and seek comfort or a safe haven here.

Church’s aren’t just for those with faith but for those who are generally interested in history, art, design, architecture and so much more, so don’t rule these places out because you don’t have faith because you will indeed be missing out.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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