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Eight Things to Do in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, but strangely overlooked by tourists who prefer hip Berlin or posh Munich. Having lived in Hamburg for several years I can recommend places that are a little more off the beaten path.

Off the Beaten Track in Western Germany (Maifeld)

The beautiful area called Maifeld is home to one of the most magnificent and best preserved castles in Germany named Burg Eltz. Wonderfully located on Germanys most beautiful hiking trail 2013 and surrounded by pure nature, it appears to be a dreamlike fairy-tale castle.

The Impressively Named Hochwildscutzpark

It was about time for us to see some cute fluffy things, hehe. Hey, so it's been at least a month since we shared...

The Wonderful Dramstad Art Nouveau Museum

I've probably been an Art Nouveau fangirl since my first art lesson at school, it’s been a part of my love of art and...

Spending The Afternoon At The Film Museum In Frankfurt

It was something both me and Tina love, films!  Anything from the latest blockbuster through to indie films that would be more fitting in...

Stepping Back In Time At The Auto And Technik Museum Sinsheim

We had been to the National Train Museum back in York, England a few weeks ago and thought that was an incredible museum showcasing...

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