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Off the Beaten Track in Western Germany (Maifeld)

The beautiful area called Maifeld is home to one of the most magnificent, best-preserved castles in Germany. Burg Elt is on Germanys most beautiful hiking trail 2013. Surrounded by pure nature, it seems to be a dreamlike fairy-tale castle. Visit Burg Eltz to learn more about the German history, its occidental cultural stories, vastly different epochs or to just spend a relaxing free day in an idyllic atmosphere. Its entry is for free; however, a guided tour costs you 10€ per person.

There are several options to reach the castle. I always prefer the Burgenbus (line 330), including a bike trailer, which is running four times a day from Müden, Moselkern, and Hatzenport through the Moselle valley. It is thereby passing charming small towns and castles such as Burg Pyrmont. You can hop on and off at any station you want, and it only costs you 2€ one way. Due to Burg Eltz’ beautiful location, a bicycle or hiking tour is totally recommended.

There is a small self-service restaurant on Burg Eltz, which fulfills its purpose even though it is pretty expensive. But if you are travelling by bicycle or car, you have to stop in the Bauernschmause in Polch to enjoy the BEST cake in your life. The Bauernschmause is a family business which has become famous all over the local area during the last couple of years. Their pieces of cake are huge, low-priced and all self-made. Moreover, they have an extraordinary choice of cakes. They also serve delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides, the Bauernschmause lately got the award of four gold coffee cups. For a great Italian dinner, you should see the restaurant Vulkana in Münstermaifeld. It is off the main road and often visited by locals. To have real German gourmet food, the Eifelhof Brohl in Brohl will be the right choice.

The best price/performance accommodation probably is the Landhaus Neuhof in Wierschem (8,1/10 points among 55 ratings on, which is about 35€ per night, per room. Located on the famous hiking trail Eltzer Burgpanorama and has a small restaurant included. It is also possible to sleep in the Ferienwohnung Sewenig in Müden (9,1/10 points among 25 ratings on with a beautiful view on the Moselle, which is about 50€ per night perroom. From here, you could directly catch the Burgenbus to Burg Eltz.

Other leisure activities might be some excellent certified hiking trails through the Moselle valley (e.g. Pyrmonter Felsensteig, which is Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail 2015, or Nette-Schieferpfad) cycle paths (e.g. Maifelder Radwanderweg), guided historic city tours in Münstermaifeld to consider medieval buildings and the area’s history, museums, wellness and many more.

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