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The Quite Magnificent Dudley Beach in Newcastle

This was a completely unexpected find and a very real slice of Australian coastline in what seemed like the most random drive in Newcastle, (New South Wales) but it was a total gem. Think of an Australian beach, and this place was entirely it down to a T, the quite magnificent Dudley Beach in Newcastle.

I wasn’t feeling too great, to be honest, but we had some time to kill, so we just took a random drive after lunch. You know the types, left here, right at this stop, completely random but it’s how you find the local gems.

Dudley beach was a gem, I mean just look at these beautiful pictures. It seemed like such a secluded, need to know a place with only a few surfers and two families. It was peaceful, and I could have sat there all day just watching the waves come and go, and it just made me feel better and less consumed by my thoughts.

I just listened to the waves, the birds and watched Lee try and write things in the sand and giggled as the tide took it away as soon as he had written it. I know I should’ve probably made a suggestion to do it somewhere else, but it was more fun to just giggle at him instead. Hehe.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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