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Chasing Waterfalls in Cebu, PH

Backed by a country that leverages from its natural resources, Cebu is just one of the 7, 107 islands in the tropical country, Philippines. While the world might be in awe of the underground river cruise in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I’m not here to talk about the various landmarks which a three-tier cascading waterfall the Philippines’, nor share experiences on the five-star places that I’ve stayed while basking under the heat of the sun.

I’m here to introduce you to Pinoy’s favourite hobby during the summer that is ‘chasing waterfalls.’ Believe me; there are a lot of them on this island alone. So grab your GoPro’s, swimming gears, and toss it into your dry bags. Maybe put on a little sunscreen on as well.

I’ve been chasing waterfalls since I was in high school and Igotan Falls is my first. It’s carefully tucked in the mountainous barangay of Jaclupan in Talisay City; A hidden gem which both locals and tourist alike love to explore. There are also haunting stories engulfing this falls. There are two waterfalls in Igotan; the larger is outside the cave, and the other is inside the cave. One must go through a narrow passageway inside the cave, where you’ll get to experience a full on spelunking.

Amongst the many waterfalls in Cebu, Kawasan Falls is the most popular one; a three-tier cascading waterfall located in the jungle of Matutinao, Badian. To get there, you’ll have to endure a 1.5km trek from the main street. It’s famous for its cascading clear turquoise water, and it’s also a comfortable nest for trekkers traversing from Osmeña Peak. It’s also famous for canyoneering either uphill or downhill.

Coming to Montaneza Falls, located in the town of Malabuyoc, is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll pass a hot spring named ‘Mainit Spring’ before reaching the falls. The whole uphill trek is an excursion which is exciting since you’ll be passing boulders and an arc-like stone, we refer to as a cave. Some tourists often do canyoning here, then take a dip in the spring which is famed for its therapeutic attributes.

The falls in Samboan is one of the newest destinations some excursionists prefer to visit. It’s such a thrill climbing a rock with rushing waters going uphill. Aguinid Falls has slowly gained popularity, leading the government to invest in maintaining the cleanliness of the area. They also have guided tours if you wanted to know more about the falls.

Tumalog Falls in the town of Oslob. Surrounded by a forest, is enormous and high to the point that you have to look up just to see its entirety. With curtain-like drizzling water cascading from an umbrella-like mossy rock formation into a shallow turquoise pool.

The last waterfall that I’ve been to is Cambais Falls. The road there is narrow but at the same time scary and exciting. You get some spectacular view of the sea while driving through the mountains. Cambais Falls is in the middle of a forest, a 1km trek which on quite a muddy trail on rainy days. Just one of the many waterfalls in Alegria, and it’s a three-tier waterfall. A bit of a challenge when you go to the third falls due to the rushing waters. Here we get to practice canyoneering by jumping off the waterfalls ranging from 7ft to 50 ft high.

These waterfalls I’ve listed are from the southern Cebu alone which is considered as a haven of enchanting waterfalls. Who wouldn’t be enticed to come here?

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