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Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Garden Party

Every week (Wednesday) you have the Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Garden Party.  Costing rp250,000 (around £15) you get a fabulous Balinese buffet.  The buffet itself consisting of variously cooked satay, satay sauces, salads and a whole host of other Balinese treats.

We loved the beef steak, incredibly tender and the marinade.  Who knows what it was, but boy was it good.

With plenty of time to get your face feed and water before the next stage, the Balinese dancers.  You get a brief explanation of each piece, explaining the reason behind the dance.  You are then treated to dance like nothing you would have seen before.  It is somewhat entrancing.  You are just captivated by the outfits and the movements along with the music.  I think it’s the music; it is very repetitive and typically remains the same tempo.

Stitched up royally!

So whether you are here for a week or 6 (out us), we would highly recommend seeing the show. Yes, you could see Balinese dancing at various other parts of Bali.  But why would you want to spend that extra money on entry and a driver-taxi?  When it’s right at home, well your Bali home anyway.

(NB) You will be dragged (or stitched up), into getting up and dancing with the ladies when the show has finished.  Just forewarning you now.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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