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Satay With A Side Order of Cockroach At The Adi Asri Restaurant

This was a stop on our way home from a day in Ubud; the Adi Asri restaurant is located on Jl. Sanggingan in Ubud and there was plenty of parking spaces available.

Food Quality

I chose the proper sauce steak with chips (fancied something a little more Western this day) it was delicious, no idea what was in the sauce but it was delicious. Mine also came out a hot plate, so my food was beautiful and hot as I ate it. Lee had a mixture of state sticks that came out on their little clay cooker with coals; it was cute well cute until I saw the cockroach nestled on the leg of it, gross! Bugs anywhere near food are gross, but we soon sent it back a got a new one for Lee. He loved the peanut sauce accompanying the dish; I think if they were selling bottles of it, he would have bought half a dozen.

Value for Money

This place was expensive, expensive for Bali and costly for Western prices too, massive service charge too. Not great but at least we liked the food.


It was fairly busy, groups of people being taken there by their drivers as there was nothing else around really, no passing traffic anyway.

The staff was friendly and helpful though.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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Satay With A Side Order of Cockroach At The Adi Asri RestaurantA nice little place to visit. You would need a guide to help find this place as we had no idea where we were. Forgetting the cockroach that was dead on the side of the satay warmer. Add Asri was not a bad place.