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Our Night at the Mowbray Park Farmstay

Day One

We arrived at the farm early morning and we walked had a good walk around the main farm aeras. We attended the morning activities with a large group of tourists from Japan. It was really cool, we had a tractor ride to a lower field, where a campfire had already been set up and was warming some tea. One the staff members then demonstrated to how to form raw damper bread around a stick to be cooked on an open fire. We all got to have a go and once it was cooked we were advised to fill it up with golden syrup (of course I had obligation to do the same). Ooooo it tasted so good, there’s something so satisfying about eating things off an open fire, no idea why but maybe it’s primordial.

We were swept up in the tractor and whisked away to feed the animals by the animal nursery, first we feed the donkeys, llamas and goats in one field. They were gready little buggers, I’m telling you. They devoured the food like they were eating their last meal, one llarmer even choked a little because he couldn’t eat quickly enough. Silly animals hehe

After feeding the animals we were lucky enough to have time for Blair (managing director) to give us a demonstration on sheep shearing, his talk was funny, interactive and informative and I can see why the local schools love to visit here.

After we went back up to where the main building to have the freshly prepared food awaiting us. Oooo it was bbq’d stake, sausages and chichen pieces, with large various salad bowls. Yum yum and right up my street. We were lucky enough to catch Blair at lunch who told us about the economics of running Mowbray park farm. He spoke to us about how the farm is organic, how the animals raised on the farm are feed to the guests and how they try and be a self sufficient, sustainable and how modern farming needs to constantly develop and be very progressive. It was really inspiring talking to him as he is so passionate about the work he’s doing here.

After lunch we took a drive to a local lookout that blair had suggested for us to visit but unfortunately the weather had turned so quickly and we couldn’t see a thing. A little disheartened we went back and checked into our room, it was a lovely large family room for four. It had a large queen bed and bunk beds, with an ensite and shower room. The building had a very spacious with a communal double living room, with a TV and a mini kitchenette. As all the meals are eaten in the main dining room this was perfect for making a quick snack or a late night cuppa. The entire building had a veranda at the back of it overlooking the fields, it was so perfectly peaceful it was weird to think that we were only ninety minutes from Sydney.

After we checked out our room had a walk in the rain (yes it rains in Australia) around the outskirts of entire farm. It was lovely actually to see the working farm as it was, no planned demonstrations, just us and the farm and the grounds just as they were ment to be.

Day two

We woke up for early to head to the dining hall. Breakfast was a mixture of a continental breakfast with fruit, cereal and toast, which was delicious but obviously we couldn’t wait to try the cooked breakfast that was straight from the farm. It did not disappoint, it was so fresh and tasty it was hard to turn down seconds.

Our first planned activity of the day was to feed the animals, not only the donkeys, llamas and goats but also this time we also we feed the pigs, a little male piglet and the young calf too. It was so cute and gross at the same time feeding them, especially the calf Lee took a video of, it just kept sucking and sucking until he realised the farmers thumb wasn’t giving him any milk. As I said gross but cute. Lol

We then got to meet the very newest addition to the Mowbray family, the smallest, cutest little newborn little bunny rabbits, they were definitely tipping the awww factor off the scale.

The next thing on the agenda was to milk the cows, yep you heard me right. The farmer secured the cow and we literally sat on a wooden log and after he had demonstrated how to milk the cow properly, we all got to have a go! This was lee’s first ever time and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself. It’s definitely a rare experience these days and one that children (and some adults) are so disconnected from but it was great to get a taste of a proper working farm experience.

Then the children of our group got to have a pony ride, you should’ve seen the enthusiasm on these children’s faces. They couldn’t believe what they were about to do and because they were beaming from ear to ear, so were their parents. It’s very humbling to see this joy.

What an amazing morning, we really got to see how the farm works every morning and knowledge for the Mowbray staff was impeccable, it’s clear why this is such a haven for families and the animals.

We once again was fed an amazing lunch of a handmade feta and spinach tart, it tasted devine and it really makes you feel satisfied to knowing the food you’re eating is apart of the sustainability of the farm.

My overall experience of this wonderful place gave me such a sense of feeling connected to nature, the importance of sustainability and of course a lot more knowledge of the process of farm to plate.

The staff, the animals and the accommodation, all make this experience truly unique and gives a rare insight to a world so many are too detached from. If you want a get back to basics and explore the wonderful delights of this wonderful working farm, Mowbray park farm is the place for you and your family.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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Our Night at the Mowbray Park Farmstay Day One We arrived at the farm early morning and we walked had a good walk around the main farm aeras. We attended the morning activities with a large group of tourists from Japan. It was really cool, we had a tractor ride to a...