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Boat Swimming and Paragliding from the Vogel Mountains

Boat Swimming at Lake Bled

There is something magical about this tiny little island in the middle of Lake Bled. No matter what season you will decide to visit Slovenia, you will be enchanted by this place. We went there at the beginning of September. The weather was still great, but the number of tourists was lower than during summer holidays so we could enjoy the remarkable views just by ourselves.

Lake Bled is located around 50 kilometres from Ljubljana – the capital city of Slovenia, near by the Austrian border. In September it is easy to find a parking place just next to the lake. You can get to the heart of the Island by a traditional boat called „Pletna.” You will get to the shore and back and will have around 30 minutes to climb 99 steps of the St, Mary’s Chapel located on the island. You have to ring the Bell at the campanile built in XV century – it will bring you luck. Many couples decide to get married at this unique place. It is an absolute must-see in Slovenia!

Walk Around Bohinj Lake

It turned out that during our visit to Slovenia there will be a summit organised in Ljubljana. That was the reason why the choice of hotels was limited; all were too expensive for us. Because of that, we decided not to go to Ljubljana at all. Instead, we have booked a room in a little Inn at Ribcev Laz – a small town in the Triglav National Park. Sometimes you get to an amazing place just by accident. That was exactly what happened to us. We never expected to find one of the most remarkable spots in Europe in Slovenia. However, we did.

Many couples decide to get married at this unique place.

Bohinj Lake is located within the Bohinj Valley of the Julian Alps, in the northwestern Upper Carniola region, and part of Triglav National Park. We were stunned by its beauty. In September there were few tourists, so wandering around the lake was pure pleasure. It takes about 3 hours to walk around the whole lake, but you will stop every five minutes to take a picture and enjoy the views. If you are planning to engage this is the perfect spot!

Paragliding from the Vogel mountain

I have been thinking about paragliding since I saw “The Intouchables” movie. Remember the moment when Philippe is off the Grodnu and his face just glows? I wanted to feel the same. The office where you could book a flight was located just 300 meters from our hotel. This had to be a sign from above. The lady at the office told me that it depends on the weather if I can fly.

I left my number at the office and waited for the pilot to call. He said that we could try to climb the hill, but it will be just here where he will decide whether we can fly down or not. I decided to take the risk. Moreover, of course, it was worth it. The wind was just perfect! I was scared as hell standing at the edge but when the wind took us above the hills It was one of the most amazing moments of my life! I felt so happy, powerful and free…

How much it costs:

  • €14 for the Pletna at Lake Bled
  • FREE Walk around the Lake
  • €130 for the experience of a lifetime paragliding from Vogel
  • €125 for a two-night stay at Ribcev Laz (double room)

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