Visiting the little known nature reserve near Reydarfjördur fjord

My boyfriend and I were travelling through eastern Iceland, when we came across a little nature reserve, we had not heard about yet, located near the Reydarfjördur fjord.

We stopped at a parking lot on road number 92 some miles south from Eskifjördur. From where we parked, we could overlook the entire fjord. Right below us, we saw a little peninsula with two hills and a little beach. A small little reserve full of nature to explore.

15 min later we arrived at the top. The most fantastic view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains awaited us.

Since it was a sunny day, we decided to take a short hike to scout the area.

The trail started out as a steep, rocky and narrow path. Soon we reached the first valley, and the trail was now covered in knee-high grass. We hiked around the first hill, passing through some meadows until we got to the foot of the second hill. 15 min later we arrived at the top. The most fantastic view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains awaited us. We made our way down to the beach.

As soon as we reached the beach, we realised that some of the markers must have gone missing. We were lost. Ironically in reserve, that was not bigger than eight football grounds. Since we went too far to double back, we decided to try our luck finding the path. After what felt like hours, we finally found the trail. The short hike we had planned took us almost three hours, but it was worth every minute of it. The landscape was fantastic, and the solitude was lovely.

In case you ever find your way into this part of Iceland, I recommend a stop at this beautiful little island of peaceful quietness, to go on an adventures hike in a breathtaking landscape. I doesn’t cost you a penny, and it is a real treat.

And remember to keep a close eye on the little red markers… 😉

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