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Some Authentic Turkish Food in the Heart of London at Fez Mangal

Tina found this little gem Fez Mangal, it was a kebab house that had been given the dual purpose of being a restaurant with open kitchen (well BBQ grill).  A few changes on the tube from Holland Park and was just a few minutes walk.  It certainly was not what I was expected, I was thinking a nice Turkish restaurant but oh no it was a takeaway with a dozen or so tables.

We got there and was sat right at the front, next to where the takeaway orders were taken and right where the staff would walk out with the food from the kitchen.  This was not the best of places to be sat but was better than being crammed in at the back where moving your seat required a degree in Tetris.

 How good was the food in this takeaway restaurant

The menu was reasonably priced, standard takeaway prices but in a sit down format, I personally (Lee) had never had Turkish Meze before, so had to try that with some flat bread.   There were 4 dips (for the use of a better word), you had Hummus, Tabule , Ezme and Cacik.  Even the flat bread was nice, tear apart and dig into to the dips, even had to go for another round of flat breads before the mains arrived.

When they did, we had half a plate of salad then chicken and lamb donor on a bed of plain rice, the portion size was really good based on the price we paid.  Drinks seemed, ok but didn’t want to fill ourselves up with fizzy drink so just had tap water.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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Some Authentic Turkish Food in the Heart of London at Fez MangalThis effective take away had the most amazing Turkish food. It was a real shame that they crammed you in like sardines.