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Whose Had a Fright at the Skyline Gondola Ride

We didn’t know what to expect from the skyline experience; we have been on a gondola ride before on the hills in southern Spain, and it was an excellent chance to take some great photos.

This gondola ride was a lot shorter than our one in Spain, but it still had some great views of Rotorua (a small town in New Zealand). As we made our way to the top we watched as the BMX bikers raced down the tracks cut into the hill, it looked awesome, but I have a feeling they were making it look a lot easier than it was.

As we got further up the hill, we could see a ski lift and the luge tracks with people whizzing past each other at great speeds; it looked cool but the thought of doing made my heart beat faster. I’ve never been a speed freak; I’m afraid of heights when I feel unsafe and even though I was a bit uneasy I was up for the life challenge.

If you’re unsure what luge is, well is a kind of a small go-cart on a relatively steep downhill track, and you go as fast as……well as fast as you bloody well can.

We got to the top, and there is a mecca of things you can indulge your adventures side in, zip wire, three luge tracks, The BMX track, stratosphere, sky swing, and walking tracks. There is also a lovely cafe and a jelly bean art gallery, with a whole array of different flavours to choose from.

Okay, so it was time for the life, eek eek I totally felt like I was going to die! Hehe, helmet on for safety and after a quick demonstrably we were off. Well omfg I was terrified, and I held on for dear life, but it was cool too, felt like a kid again.

Okay so were are at the bottom of the track, and it’s time to go back up, I followed Lee and then realised that we had to go on a ski lift to the top again, what the fuck! Nope, not happening, I’ve never been on one, and now there was no choice. Ggggrrrrrr! For fuck sake, OK, right you can do this! First in the queue and that’s it, I (the self-declared scaredy cat) got on the tiny, thin, high wire thing and didn’t die. Yep, it’s a bloody miracle and not only did I, go on that thing once but three times.

We did the same track and again and then stepped it up a level on the next track, omfg again it was awesome but thoroughly terrifying too, but I’m glad I did it and something I can check off my bucket list.

Our time up the mountain was great, and one I won’t forget, but my hands were red raw on our way down as I was holding on the luge/go-kart thing lol.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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