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Light Up Your Night with Mini Golf NZ in Rotorua: Chasing Records and Rabbits Under the Stars

Who does not love a good game of mini golf? We had seen the Mini Gold NZ place a few times while driving through Rotorua.

So located just off one of the main roads into Rotorua, you cannot miss the huge golf ball.  If you are going past at night, you cannot miss the vast array of fairy lights. So it was our final evening in Rotorua, we had to go. It was winter and not many people there at all.

So for $14, you will have 18 great holes.  Maybe even the odd live rabbit as an obstacle.  Yes, we had a rabbit block our way on one of the holes, but this just adds to the charm of the place.  It is not until you get down the back nine can you start to see the holes more clearly, this is achieved through the tunnel of light (if your playing at night obviously).

The course record was like 31, so I had to average just under two strokes per hole.  Breaking this record was going to be tough; It didn’t start off well.  Two pars meant that I already had five shots after just two holes.  Then, BOOM.  Yes, BOOM.  Hole-In-One!! This would be the first of only 3 of the like seven I would need to take the course score crown.

So after an hour of Mini Golf NZ, the final scores were in.  Neither of us beat the course record. However, Lee would have made it at the bottom of the children leaderboard.

Why not check them out via the various social pipes, Facebook, and Instagram.

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