Alexandra Lodge in Bundaberg

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So we were driving up from Brisbane through Bundaberg and up to Cairns and beyond.  So this was the first stop off on our epic 5,000km round trip.

Alexandra Lodge was one that we found online and ticked many of the boxes we look for.  If you want to see how we mark accommodation, just click on the relevant element.

So we base location on distance from a car parking space.  Parking is vital for us, as we use a car to get from place to place and explore this beautiful world.

The car parking space at Alexandra Lodge was on site, situated at the back of the property.  It just missed out on top marks, but the fact that you can park your car off the main road is a major plus for us.  If the parking is full (which when we went was never the case), there is plenty of parking on the street (which appeared to be free and not on a time limit).


Argh, how I love to have a fried breakfast.  The beans, sausages, bacon, egg, toast, fried slice, mushrooms.  Oh, my god, my mouth is salivating at the thought right now.

However, at the Alexandra Lodge.  If I was to have this greasy, artery-clogging breakfast.  I was going to have to cook it myself.  Umm, No.  That was not going to happen.  But what I did cook, was soft boiled egg on toast.

You do have the breakfast items there for you, so cereals, milk, egg, and bread.  So some lovely soft-boiled eggs and toast was a healthier alternative.


We love to have baths (well Tina does), so she was slightly disappointed when we were greeted with a shower.  We were presented with toiletries, which is standard now in even the most basic of accommodation.

The shower itself was quite nice; it did take a delicate hand to get the temperature just right.  As the slightest degree, the wrong way left you frozen to the spot or scalded.


So Alexandra Lodge was marked along our set criteria of things that we want in accommodation.

  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Extra Bedding (pillows were provided)
  • Wi-Fi (although the actual speed you got was quite poor)
  • KettleTV (with the free-to-air channels)Microwave / Fridge
  • Cooking Facilities, i.e. Kitchen (you also had a large kitchen area in which you could prepare your food)
  • Washing Facilities (washing machine and dryer)
  • Separate Sitting Area (sofa, TV with all the channels you would need)

Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is a difficult one, we often put on the added notes that Tina has dietary requirements.  If little things like this are catered for then, this constitutes going the extra mile. Unfortunately, in this case, this was not provided for.


We had two single beds here; we just pushed them together to great the king-sized bed.  You have six bedrooms, three on one side and three mirrored on the other side.  We had one of the bigger rooms; this came with a small kitchenette which was a pleasant surprise.  The walls are wafer thin so you can hear what goes on in other rooms.

If you find sleeping with outside light beaming through the curtains, although not completely pitch black.  You will not be blinded with the sunshine either.

Please remember, when locking the door.  Shut the door, and then close the door.  Such as strange way of closing doors over here, but it seems reasonable.


This was the most unnatural check in I had ever had.  I was in email correspondence with the owner (well I think it was the owner).  We were sent the check in details on the day we were arriving. Which was the strange point numero uno (number 1 for all those non-Spanish folk).  The second was a series of hoop-jumping to get into the room.

We had to go in through the back door, by entering a four-digit code which released a key.  After releasing the said key, open the back door and return the key and jumble the numbers.  Once in, lock the back door and make your way to the room.  Fortuitously, the door was left open and the key on the side.

For $190AUD for the two nights, we were thoroughly happy with what we got.  As a stop off on the way up or even down the coast, Alexandra Lodge in Bundaberg, check them out.

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Lee Webber
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So we were driving up from Brisbane through Bundaberg and up to Cairns and beyond.  So this was the first stop off on our epic 5,000km round trip. Alexandra Lodge was one that we found online and ticked many of the boxes we look for. ...Alexandra Lodge in Bundaberg