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Will You Survive a Night at Draculas on the Gold Coast

So we headed here for Tina’ birthday back a few weeks ago now.  We had heard some great things about Draculas Gold Coast but wanted to experience it for ourselves.  We made a proper day of it, heading into Surfers Paradise, and making sure we had plenty of time to get a parking space.

We arrived in plenty of time, in fact, we were the first ones around.  So did the very British thing and queued up.  It was around 15 minutes before the doors opened staff members came out.  It was typical; my mother called up to see how things were going and if we had got in.  I then hear over my shoulder, get off the phone by one of the staff members.  It was all in jest, but when I failed to do so.  I got whipped! Yes, whipped. Tina found it hilarious.

You make your way upstairs to the VIP bar area.  Oh yes, I had better mention at this point we had the VIP package.  So up here, you have a vast array of gourmet finger food.  The best looking had to be the delicious tomato and chicken finger. If you want to know what I mean, get yourself a VIP ticket and see them.

Ok, after a sample of the many different gourmet nibbles you then get summoned to the Ghost Train for your short trip to where you’ll be entertained all evening.  You have a photo taken beforehand that you can purchase and then get brought to your table during the show.  So the ghost train itself, I will keep much of it a secret.  However, it is a short trip full of horrors and surprises! Mwahaha ha hahaha

This is where were greeted by one of the cast members, who takes your name and then informs you of your seat.  Then WOW, we were greeted at the top of the stage by who would be our host for the evening.  The seats were incredible, front and centre.  It was a good hour or so before the show was due to start, but we very quickly had BALLS shouted over Tina’s shoulder and then presented with a plate with a delicious potato ball on it.  It was so silky and smooth, with a gooey melted cheese centre.  In the middle is a small smear of salsa.  For me, it was not enough.

Tina then ordered Salmon, and I ordered the pork.  It was at this point I had wondered why there was a small dish of sour cream and salsa, but of course, there was a selection of different coloured tortilla chips. YUM!

It is around this time, you will have the house band come out to perform.  All dressed in character, playing a host of different genre music in the style of the dead.  It was incredible, and the atmosphere was starting to pick up at this point.

PORK!! I guess our mains were here.  The pork was delicious, so soft and tender.  On a bed of mash potato with the most delicious apple gravy and a couple of asparagus to the side.  I am not a fan of Salmon so had to get Tina view on hers.

Lee: – So, how was your Salmon

Tina: – Its lovely, it is cooked through as is the asparagus.

A lady of very little words when she is eating something she likes.

Then came a coffin!  Was this a sign of how we were going to leave? Alternatively, was it just the coffee mousse dessert.  I took one look at the dessert, thinking coffee (not a fan at all).  However, when you take your first mouthful, you will notice it is a very subtle taste. However, when you combine that with some of the coffin the coffee flavour just disappears.

Be aware, if you are running late.  You will find yourself eating your food during the show.


This show would have changed by the time many of you will read this so that we will not ruin the show for you.  However, what you will get is nudity, adult humour, dancing and plenty of singing.

So if you want to experience something different, something that is geared specifically for adults.  Then a night down at Draculas is an absolute must.

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