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Surfers Paradises Very Own Infinity

So, it was Tina’s birthday, and we just had to visit this place.  Infinity is located a few minutes from the famous Cavill Avenue. This unique concept has over 20 different environments in which will challenge your senses, with special effects, sensual aromas, and mind-blowing illusions what will have you looking into infinity!

You do, however before you enter need to slip on some sexy shoe covers and gloves.  Both of which glow in the some of the worlds where UV light is present.  So after your little safety video your in.  Naturally it wouldn’t be fair to share with you all the areas, not can I remember.  You do however have the chance to get your boogie on, gaze into ‘space’, navigate colourful string and not forgetting the bridge over the infinite drop! Around halfway round, you will have your chance to have your picture taken.

It’s great to walk around and experience these environments at your pace, taking the time to soak in everything.  When we went it was quiet, we did find people catching up to us, but we just let them carry on.  We did, however, visit mid-week around lunchtime.  But we can imagine the worlds and indeed Infinity getting very busy on the weekends and evenings.

We would certainly recommend Infinity; the experience will leave your mind blown, and wanting to do it again and again. 

Save money by Booking Tickets through their website.

But in the meantime check out their social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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