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Hyde Park in Sydney, What a Great Find!

I not sure what direction we came into the park from but we came across the war memorial, walked down past the reflection pool (which unfortunately was being regenerated) they had pictures of how it would look after the renovations. It looked stunning, and Lee was gutted he couldn’t get a picture of it in its full glory.

We continued walking down, and it was so surreal.  It was almost completely overshadowed with huge trees towering over you. It was clear, this place was a complete contrast between the towering grey buildings and the green haven in the heart of Sydney.

It was also clear that others thought so too, as we came across many couples having there wedding pictures taken, and why not on this haven in the city centre.

We continued walking and came to a beautiful, stunning water feature, it was apparent it was a mini hive of activity as they were lots of people sitting down talking and eating their lunch.

It was time to walk back at this point, and we choose a slightly different way, and I’m glad we did because we came across an enormous sculpture of these bullet shell casings. They were massive, and it was really unusual to see in these so very green surroundings.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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