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Our Own Private Church Organ Concert

We had the opportunity of being hosted in Crumstadt which is the southernmost district of Riedstadt. Our host (the priest) lives in a house on the grounds of this recently regenerated church.

It was a relatively small church compared to some of the cathedral’s we’ve walked through, but the unique difference was; we both had the opportunity to not only have a very exclusive tour of the entire church (bells tower and all) but not only that we had a small mini private organ concert too.

We have never been quite so privileged as we were staying with this lovely couple. We were first shown around the layout, and she told us briefly about the history of how the church was founded. The church was originally based in a local hospital and the priest of the church at that time even bought a speaking platform from the hospital chapel to the church’s new base in Crumstadt. She took us from the bottom of the church and walked us around, explaining the current use and the history behind everything. We even got to see where people used to creep in and sleep at night in the old carpenters quarters (a hidden space under the church pues.) The church is no longer kept open as they used to get homeless people staying there too.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s beautifully designed in the baroque style and uses a lot of earth tones with the design. I love the surrounding front plate on the organ, full of swirls of leaves, flowers and cherubs. Gotta love a cheeky angel. Hehe

Talking of that stunning organ, our co-host was an excellent player, and he often spends a multitude of evenings playing until the early hours. One evening we were invited along, and he showed us what sounds everything makes, as well playing some old hymns that are often used in the church services. Not only through did we get our private show, but he then showed us the inner workings of the organ. It was incredibly fascinating watching as the rather strange looking contraption of pulleys and wooden blocks all moving in time it’s quite fascinating.

It was a unique slice of German history, and I’m very thankful to our hosts for the opportunity.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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