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The Never Ending Urangan Pier

So we were coming to the end of our 2-week tour up to the northern tropics of Queensland.  Stopping off at the tourist town of Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is a typical spot for tourists both young and old heading over to Fraser Island.

We just fancied a nice relaxing walk, being our one an only full day in Hervey Bay. Heading to the seafront is a must.

The Urangan Pier is long, in fact, 868m to be precise. Even on this winter day (winter my arse, it was still 25 degrees). You will find numerous keen anglers hoping to catch some dinner. We didn’t find anyone catching anything, only overhearing one saying they are only getting baby toads biting.

Just spending time people watching, looking over at the enormous Fraser Island. Next time we will get over there.

Although not somewhere you could stay for any real length of time. We would certainly say, take some grub. And just soak in the locals fishing off the end of the pier.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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