A Pie at the Old Ferndale Bakery

We, well I had been to the Old Ferndale Bakery before back in 2011 and then again in 2013.  This, however, was Tina's first...

The New Exhibition at the Ipswich Art Gallery

It wasn't what we intended on doing that day, but I’m glad we took the time to pop into the Ipswich Art Gallery. As we...

The 2016 Shorecliffe Bluewater Festival

Okay so this festival from where we were staying in Brisbane wasn't so close, it was about an hour and a half away by...

The Best Known Secret that is Pizza Autentico in Sydney

Well Pizza Autentico, little did we know but this little slice of Italy really was something we had never experienced before. Down the very tiny...

Our Night at the Mowbray Park Farmstay

Day One We arrived at the farm early morning and we walked had a good walk around the main farm aeras. We attended the morning...

Category: Australia Off The Beaten Track

Welcome To The 2016 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

This was the final main event while in Australia before heading back to Blighty. Typically a week-long festival full of various events culminating on...

Pumphouse Point: A Taste of Tasmania

If you are after destination accommodation that is like a Cinderella story, then this is the place for you. No glass slipper required.

The Beautiful Little Town of Rosewood in Queensland

Home to my mum and youngest sister.  Rosewood is located around 60 minutes west of Brisbane. To put it into a context of how remote this little town is, you have a single supermarket which is by English standards, tiny.

The Never Ending Urangan Pier

So we were coming to the end of our 2-week tour up to the northern tropics of Queensland.  Stopping off at the tourist town of Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is a typical spot for tourists both young and old heading over to Fraser Island.

We Have Been Biten By The Jazz Bug At The Morrison, Brisbane

Every Sunday, down in Brisbane at the Morrison, you have a jazz and blues jam. You get musicians to come from across the city, perform for free with other musicians.  Arrive early so you can get yourself a parking space.

The Incredibly Huge Wivenhoe Dam in South East Queensland

Lake Wivenhoe, well this huge, and I mean huge dam. Had to release millions and millions of gallons of water back in 2011. This lead to some of the worst flooding the area had ever seen.

The Tibooburra B&B on the Australia West Coast

Tibooburra's run by Bronwen and Peter, they are honestly the most welcoming people I have met. Their stunning newly built home has three beautiful bedrooms on the lower floor. They are immaculately decorated, and each has their own colour theme. This place was so comforting; I instantly felt right at home.

Sharon Gorge in Bundaberg

Neither of us knew what we were expecting, a gorge, what exactly is a gorge but we were up for a little bit of walking, and we thought instead of googling it like others possibly would; we would take the plunge, well a walk really and see what this was all about.

Lluka Park Beach in Mackay

This beach is a lovely long beach, with a cute little park in East Mackay, Queensland Australia.

The Stunning, Yet Exhausting Walk to Jourama Falls

So. We were in the small town of Ingham when we decided it was time to explore. Bring on the excellent TripAdvisor app. After searching,...

Wongalinga Beachside Apartments

Well, the Wongalinga Beachside Apartments. What a day when we arrived here at mission beach, high winds, and sporadic rain, not a great way to start a mini trip by a gorgeous beach surrounding.

The Great Little Motel Hill View in Charters Tower

This place was a lovely slice of one of the most historic mining towns in Queensland; Charters Tower is a unique slice of Australia. It is just about an hour and a half from Townsville and is worth the drive inland.

The Cairns Crystal Cascade… Well Worth The Visit!

To go to the Cairns Crystal Cascade, you need a car. We didn't find any buses going up to this location. Showing us that it is one of those local hidden gems.

Osprey House Education Centre

Osprey House Education Centre is a unique educational, environmental centre that showcases not only the raptor bird ‘Osprey’, but they have a fantastic place...

A Little Slice of Queensland at the Hay Point Country B&B

What a place this was, such a lovely open space with kind and courteous owners. It had been an incredibly long day; we had...

Brisbane Trike Tours, Our First Trike Experience

It was a warm morning; we were driving down to Southbank to meet Chrissy from the Brisbane Trike Tours.  Neither I, nor Tina had...

The Quite Magnificent Dudley Beach in Newcastle

This was a completely unexpected find and a very real slice of Australian coastline in what seemed like the most random drive in Newcastle,...

Burragorang Valley Lookout in New South Wales

We had no idea this place even existed, and I was only the fact a very lovely local told us to take a trip...