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The Beautiful Little Town of Rosewood in Queensland

So Rosewood in the hot and also cold (yes, Australia gets freezing in their winter) south-east Queensland.

Home to my mum and youngest sister.  Rosewood is located around 60 minutes west of Brisbane. To put it into a context of how remote this little town is, you have a single supermarket which is by English standards, tiny.

The nearest big town is Ipswich which is a 30-minute drive, which is where you can find your KFC, cinemas, hospital (yes, the closest hospital is 30 minutes away).  But what you will find here is incredible landscapes, great walks (but always staying to well-trodden paths.  You don’t want to encounter a brown (snake) do you), two doctors surgeries, three schools, and around 2,000 people.

The transport links may not be great in Australia unless you’re in the major big cities.  But Rosewood has a train station (get yourself into Ipswich in 20 minutes and Brisbane (via one change), within the hour).  Where the train station in Rosewood is at the end of the line, you can then get yourself a bus to take you further inland and towards the towns of Laidley.

We have loved our stay in Rosewood if you have the chance, though.  Hire a car and drive the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive.  The tourist drive route starts (or ends) in Ipswich all the way through to Toowoomba.  The journey takes around 3 hours and approximately 130km (82 miles).

Just see how beautiful it is.  Where have you been to Australia you have just fallen in love with?

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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