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5 Years Lee Had Waited for his Hogs Breath

Hogs Breath a leading chain restaurant in Australia; this branch was in Ipswich. We came to this restaurant as a celebration dinner for lee’s little sister’s eighteenth birthday. It does have a few parking spaces but not that many and as we went on a Friday night and it was busy.

Food Quality

I had the stuffed potato skins for starters, and they were delicious, they were stuffed with ham, creamy, cheesy mash and had a sweet chili sauce drizzled over the top, with a sour cream dipping pot too. They were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, yum yum. For main, I had the steak burger with sweet potato fries, and it was nice, decently cooked and very Moorish. Don’t get me wrong this is a chain restaurant and the food was to be expected a little basic but that didn’t mean it didn’t taste good either.

Value for Money

Unfortunately, I think this place is a little expensive for what it is. More expensive than back home for this kind of meal and unfortunately too just not worth the extra spend either.


It was Friday night, and it was busy! There was a nice atmosphere, and the staff were friendly but also not 100% so attentive because of the crowds either. A little frustrating really but we were here for other reasons than the food or the atmosphere, but they were very accommodating for our large party and the let us decorate the table and bringing our cake in too, so not so bad.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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5 Years Lee Had Waited for his Hogs BreathUnfortuantely I was very dissapointed with my experience at Hogs Breathe. I fear that it would be same at all the restaurants as its a chain.