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Lee’s First Painting at Cork and Chroma Brisbane

What an experience this was.

I had never painted before in my life, so the thought of sitting there with who knows how many other people, filled me with dread.  Tina, however, was quite the artist, so I knew her piece would be a masterpiece.

So let’s set the scene, we were about 500m from the Brisbane River.  Parking was a nightmare, and I mean a nightmare.  We were lucky enough though to get a parking space not too far away.  We were ridiculously early and was still locked up.  So after a quick walk to the riverside (where there were what can only be described as nutters running around.  Not just a few but whole groups of 10 or so people running around).

So, we were the first people to arrive.  Names were taken and sat down in the ‘prime’ location.  Over the course of the next few minutes, the class took shape. I think in total there were around 20 of us.  Sitting there, drinking either water or whatever alcoholic drink the other painters fancy.

So today’s masterpiece will be. Wine & Grapes

My whole body filled with anxiety and trepidation.  How on earth was I going to replicate such a piece?  Our expert painter (I want to say, Georgina, talked us through all the stages), was patient with us all.  I just wanted to get on with it, but trying to draw the wine glass had me needing to re-paint the background twice!

So after the 3-hour session, I was quite proud to be able to show you the painting that I produced below.

If you are looking for something different. Something that will get your creative juices flowing.  Then you have to take a trip down to Cork & Chroma.  You can find them on their website below.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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